A Home And a Job

“…Some jobs are so demanding, and allow no time for talking. We might have a kind co-worker who quickly and quietly pats us on the shoulder just to let us know that they care, and we smile at them gratefully…”

Serenaded Softly


Scripture reference;

And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.” Genesis 2:8 KJV


The Lord gave Adam a home and a job. Adam was going to be a gardener. I have some flowerbeds. They are mostly made up of shrubs. They keep me busy, especially from around April until the end of September. The picture of the roses and hydrangeas above was taken in my back yard. They are growing right beside my patio. I enjoy working with plants. It’s nice, quiet work. The only sounds to be heard are pleasant sounds…birds and bugs. The Lord speaks to me there. He shows me the most fascinating things in simple things that illustrate spiritual things. I talk to Him about things that are on my mind and He listens, and responds in the most creative, yet useful…

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2 thoughts on “A Home And a Job

  1. Debbie says:

    I love how you hear Him as you garden. A sweet communion! Thank you for sharing your special relationship with Him, with us!
    God bless you!
    love, deb

    • Deb, I haven’t gardened much yet this year. We have had so much rain. I try to go out at least once a day if only for a minute or two, and reflect.
      You bless me with the things the Lord shows you.

      Love and Blessings,

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