Be Astounded

I just love Deb’s blog. 🙂

Deb's Blog

“Look among the nations and watch –
Be utterly astounded!
For I will work a work in your days
Which you would not believe,
though it were told you.”   Habakkuk 1:5

I need to be astounded.

Thank You, Lord, for the work You are working in our days.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Lord, help me understand
the works You are doing
among the nations
and inside of me

that I might not be
shaken, dismayed
but watching for
Your redeeming mercy.

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4 thoughts on “Be Astounded

  1. I like this. I published a book Living in the Realm of Miracles and Angel Encounters. In a story about 9-11 in New York i have some interesting quotes from this same book in the Bible you quoted that relate to this tragedy.

  2. Debbie says:

    Love you, wonderful woman of the Word! Your support helps me keep going!

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